Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Seven Deadly Sins: Envy

I want her hair. I want her boyfriend. I wanna be as pretty as she is. Maybe if I made her uglier, people would see me as pretty too?

Next one in the series is envy. Envy is, similarly to Lust, a sin of desire. The desire of another person's possessions or qualities.

"Sorrow for another's good"

This is one of the most dangerous deadly sins, because envious people usually take out their jealousy on them whom they are jealous of. You want something that belongs to someone else so bad, that you'd hurt them to get it.
Envy, to me, is lying, cheating, using every poisonous method you know to get what you want from the other person. Therefore the color of envy is green. Also snakes are often associated with envy (plotting behind someone's back).

I used around 8 different greens to create the lid and brow, all from my Coastal Scents palette. I wanted the eye shadow to go pretty far away from the eye, spreading like the venom that jealousy is. 
Green eyebrows, green cheek contour and green on the lips. Basically, I just wanted as much green as possible on my face without looking like an alien. :D

Details: I didn't want false lashes with this one. I felt like they would have glamed up the look too much, made it too pretty when it's supposed to be ugly, reflecting the thoughts of the envious.
The concentration of color underneath the brows gives it a more serious, dangerous look. 
The criss-cross pattern going out from the brow represents the snake element as well as the shadow/venom spreading.

Until next sin ;)

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