Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First day of University (rant)

I was not prepared for what I had coming my way today. 

I got down to the reception around 11 AM today and had to stand in line for over an hour  before it was my turn to enroll in the school, officially. Little did I know that I was not supposed to be there, but at a completely different location, hearing the headmasters' welcome speech. Ignorant me got out of the building and headed off to some stores to buy stuff for the new apartment. Still unknowing of what I was missing out on. Then, a few hours later I get a message from my tutor (didn't know I had one) asking me if I was planning on doing any studying this year, since I didn't show up for any of the activities today??? Baffled, I asked her what she was talking about. She told me about the first week and the "get to know campus and everyone on it" and how everyone else had shown up for our tutor group meeting, except me. Apparently, there was a mention of it somewhere in the papers I got with the confirmation that I got in, way back in July, which I scammed through, thinking it was just official stuff. I hate things like these. I hate not being properly informed of when and where I should be and instead getting vague information on when and where I can do stuff. 

Basically, I missed a handful of important information that I need to get started, and am close to missing even more because of work.

I can just feel the problems piling up. Because I didn't know I had all these important uni events this week, I had promised to do a bunch of shifts at work, which I now had to clear out (not easy) since apparently college is not as optional as they say. Nope, a bunch of mandatory stuff that you have to figure out yourself because nobody's telling you anything.

I am just so pissed.
Having to pretend that you're excited to meet new people and can't wait to become BFF with everyone, isn't helping the frustration.

Yeah, yeah, I'm sure everything will be much easier in a few weeks, as soon as I figure everything out. 

But right now I'm just so pissed.


  1. Aww I'm sorry that it went so badly :/ I hope things get better this week, and next time there's important information, it's clearly presented.

  2. So sorry :/ Btw where are you moving? To center? And are you moving with your boyfriend? How's things going with him? I would like a post featuring him :) And what are you studying there? Sorry for so many questions too :D

  3. Thanks, it's already a bit better :) just super stressing to get a bunch of information all at once...

    And to the many questions: Yes, I am moving in with my boyfriend, closer to the university, we are very good thanks for asking :) I don't know if he wants to be in a blogpost though :D I am studying Swedish and logopaedics :)