Friday, March 07, 2014

False Eyelashes - part 1

So I've been away for the majority of this past month... Don't hate me I have finals starting Monday.

Since I first got into makeup and beauty stuff, there's always been this one thing I can't stand when people do it wrong. That's fake eyelashes. People don't know how, when or why to wear them, and it drives me a little bit crazy. My worst pet peeve is when these "popular girls" wear falsies on an everyday basis to school or work. Like, get a grip, you don't work at a strip club. 

So I put together a little guide to wearing false eye lashes. I'm going to split it up into multiple parts, starting with: 
"What fake eyelashes look like on your eyes & what to look for in the store" 

A common mistake most girls tend to fall for, is that they go for lashes that are WAY too fake-looking. Most of the time they'll end up looking like scarecrows. People usually overestimate the length of their natural eyelashes and therefor believe that they need longer and thicker lashes than what they actually do. 
(I am wearing a little bit of black liquid liner on my top lash line in all the pictures but no mascara at all.)

These are the most natural looking lashes I have at the moment. Pay attention to how sparse they look in the packaging and how they still give very noticeable length. On a distance you would probably not notice them at all.

These are a tiiny bit thicker and already look more dramatic. Not much, but enough to notice during a face to face conversation.

These next ones are a lot thicker and a bit shorter and a bit more visible on a distance. They might look a bit odd on their own, I recommend wearing them with a bit heavier eye shadow. 

These are even thicker and still not that long and most definitely do not look good on their own. They require bold eye makeup and at least a sequin top or dress. These are also the mistake girls tend to make. They think, "ooh, those'll probably look natural!" and then spend the day looking like the ghost of a late prostitute.

 When you're in a store looking for lashes, don't go for the ones with a thick rim (where you put the glue). Instead, choose ones with a more invisible rim. Also longer lashes instead of thick ones that look like you could sweep the floor with them. That way you'll end up finding the ones that usually look the most flattering to the eyes.

Next time, I'll be discussing when it's okay to wear falsies, and the picture you give of yourself when wearing them. I'll also try to find even more dramatic ones to show you.

til then sugarbutts!

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